Relativity Theme Now On Theme Repository

We have released our theme, Relativity, in the theme repository. During the review, we added new features, and improved a lot of things. A few of the new things we worked on during this are:

  • Improved styling of posts.
  • Better sticky post styling.
  • Cleaner and prettier navigation.
  • Better styled quotes and blockquotes.
  • Much improved comment theme repository
  • Cleaner styling for tables.

Future updates

We are working to improve this more and more. A few things you will find in the next release

  • Widget areas for social links and such.
  • Multiple colour schemes.
  • More exciting stuff.

Demo and download

For now, you can take a look at a few screenshots below, or watch a demo. You can go to the theme repo to download the theme . If you want to file a bug, please go to the github repo.



Theme Update: Center

We have updated our first theme ‘Center’ with new features and more refinements. The theme now supports WordPress native custom headers, custom favicon and custom background. Apart from these new things, the theme now has improved styling for the background, comments, and footer. The custom theme settings option was removed in this release. Users are now advised to use the plugin Genesis Simple Edits for such trivial adjustments.

You can download the theme below, or see a live demo. To report issues, please go to github or our support page.

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New Genesis Child Theme: Anahita

We just released our new WordPress theme, Anahita, into the wild. Anahita is a child theme for the ever popular Genesis Framework by Studiopress. The theme features a soft, pastel, slightly feminine colour scheme, and curvy, beautiful typography. Anahita has support for some popular plugins such as Genesis Simple Share, Genesis Enews extended, Genesis Responsive Slider, and various features of Jetpack. The theme also features a featured widget area on top of the blog home page which can be used to feature a page/post, or to place a slider widget.

You can download the theme below, or go to github to file issues, send pull requests and such. A demo of the theme is available here.

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Screenshot of Mixr theme

New WordPress Theme: Mixr

We just released our latest WordPress theme, Mixr. Mixr is a child theme of Stargazer by Justin Tadlock. It features a bold new colour scheme, multiple layouts, customizable colours, whole new look, and all other features of its parent theme.

You can download the theme below, or check out the details and demo here. To view the source, or file issues, you can go to Github.

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Our Mentor, Gaurav Pareek Speaks At WordCamp Pune, 2015

wordcamp-puneWordCamps are locally organized, informal conferences that cover everything around WordPress, an open-source publishing software. This conference conducts formal and informal sessions with an objective to learn WordPress that powers more than 75 million websites. It is conducted all over the globe every year. The next one is approaching on 6th Sep, 2015 at Pune, India.

WordCamp Pune, 2015 will witness a lot of informative sessions and workshops revolving around WordPress. It is an ideal platform for WordPress bloggers, designers and developers who wish to experience the power of an open source software. This time it is conducted in a local language along with English, i.e. in English, Hindi and Marathi. So, one can witness a lot of learning pouring in different languages.

gaurav-pareekOur mentor Gaurav Pareek will also share some of his experiences and understanding at WordCamp Pune, 2015. He discovered WordPress in 2009 and fell in love. He also spoke in WordCamp Mumbai, 2015 and was appreciated by a lot of people. This time he will speak on ‘An Introduction to the WordPress REST API’.

The WordPress REST API is an upcoming feature of WordPress, and is currently being developed as a feature plugin. The API will put WordPress in the league of modern web software. It will prove its viability as a strong base for not only building large, content heavy websites but also things like web and mobile applications.

Gaurav will be giving a technical introduction to the REST API and some demos related to it. The main purpose of the presentation is to make people aware of the advantages, and the power and flexibility it gives to developers. It thereby enable them to make not only great websites, but powerful and innovative web applications as well, all the while tapping into a stable and familiar core that is WordPress.

So, get ready to experience the power of WordPress REST API with Gaurav. Get your tickets now and join the community of WordPress lovers at Pune this time.

Gaurav Pareek Spoke At WordCamp Mumbai 2015

WordCamp is an informative, fun and community-organized conference that covers ever aspect of WordPress, an open source personal publishing software.

Gaurav Pareek, our mentor spoke at WordCamp Mumbai 2015 on “Better WordPress Development With Vagrant. He is a WordPress Developer, UI/UX hacker, free software activist, Doctor Who fan and all round geek. Gaurav discovered WordPress in 2009 and fell in love. He even ran a web development services company for 5 years completely revolving around WordPress.

So, here we have his slide deck and video of his talk in WordCamp Mumbai 2015. Have a look! :)

New WordPress Theme : Relativity

Hello everyone! We just released a new WordPress theme called Relativity. This is a single column, minimalistic theme, mainly intended for use in personal blogs. The theme follows a mostly mobile-first approach, and looks beautiful on all devices. The simple design and minimalistic css also means that you can use it as a starting point for more involved designs.

Relativity wordpress theme screenshot

Relativity has support for custom backgrounds, custom headers, custom menus, and a couple of post formats as well. We’ll be adding more features in the coming weeks. You can see a demo or download the theme. If you have any issues, or would like to propose new features, please file an issue on github.

Site Issues Fixed

Between starting a new job and multitude of things in the family, I hadn’t been able to pay any attention to this site. Finally, I took some time to update WordPress and plugins, remove some outdated plugins, and fixed downloads. I’m planning to move the themes to a marketplace like creative market, or shifting to Woocommerce from EDD. People should be able to download the themes now, and the site should be working ok.

Thanks for the patience folks.

Introducing Polymer WordPress Theme

Hi everyone! Past few months have been very busy, but I finally found some time to complete this child theme for Stargazer by Justin Tadlock of Theme Hybrid. Take a look.

The theme uses the beautiful Roboto Condensed font from Google, and a color pallette that is inspired by Google’s Material design. It supports all features of Stargazer, including all the layouts, headers, and backgrounds, and brings in some material inspired header images to the table as well. A few features of the theme are

  • Child theme of Stargazer, so all Stargazer features
  • Material design inspired color palette
  • Modern typography with Roboto Condensed font
  • Material inspired header images from Midhun Harikumar

The theme is released under the GPL and is hosted on github. I have tested the theme with the unit test data, but if you find any bugs, or want to suggest improvements, please report them on github.

You can check out the theme here

Download now

Change Genesis Admin Menu Item Name And Icon

The following code changes the Genesis admin menu item name to anything of your choice. Just replace ‘Custom’ with a string of your choice. The code should go in your child theme’s functions.php.


It turns out that Genesis now uses an icon font to display the menu icon in WordPress backend. In order to change that, you need a different icon font, with the icon of your choice, and override it thorugh a stylesheet. In this example we’ll just use FontAwesome. You can use any font of your choice, or generate your own.

Add this to functions.php

Here we have enqueued fontawesome from BootstrapCDN,, and then a custom stylesheet. Now create an `admin.css` in your theme’s folder and add the following to it.

Please note that you have to change the font-family if you want to use a different font, and the unicode value for content corresponding to the icon of your choice.

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