Screenshot of Mixr theme

New WordPress Theme: Mixr

We just released our latest WordPress theme, Mixr. Mixr is a child theme of Stargazer by Justin Tadlock. It features a bold new colour scheme, multiple layouts, customizable colours, whole new look, and all other features of its parent theme.

You can download the theme below, or check out the details and demo here. To view the source, or file issues, you can go to Github.

[purchase_link id=”858″ style=”button” color=”inherit” text=”Download Mixr theme” direct=”true”]

New WordPress Theme : Relativity

Hello everyone! We just released a new WordPress theme called Relativity. This is a single column, minimalistic theme, mainly intended for use in personal blogs. The theme follows a mostly mobile-first approach, and looks beautiful on all devices. The simple design and minimalistic css also means that you can use it as a starting point for more involved designs.

Relativity wordpress theme screenshot

Relativity has support for custom backgrounds, custom headers, custom menus, and a couple of post formats as well. We’ll be adding more features in the coming weeks. You can see a demo or download the theme. If you have any issues, or would like to propose new features, please file an issue on github.

Introducing Polymer WordPress Theme

Hi everyone! Past few months have been very busy, but I finally found some time to complete this child theme for Stargazer by Justin Tadlock of Theme Hybrid. Take a look.

The theme uses the beautiful Roboto Condensed font from Google, and a color pallette that is inspired by Google’s Material design. It supports all features of Stargazer, including all the layouts, headers, and backgrounds, and brings in some material inspired header images to the table as well. A few features of the theme are

  • Child theme of Stargazer, so all Stargazer features
  • Material design inspired color palette
  • Modern typography with Roboto Condensed font
  • Material inspired header images from Midhun Harikumar

The theme is released under the GPL and is hosted on github. I have tested the theme with the unit test data, but if you find any bugs, or want to suggest improvements, please report them on github.

You can check out the theme here

Download now

Center – A Free Genesis Child Theme

Hi there!! After working with Genesis for a few months (on client websites), I’m releasing my first child theme, Center. It’s a very minimalistic, yet elegant, one column blog theme. You can see a few screenshots below.

Some features of the theme include

  • Single column
  • One widget area below site title.
  • Widget area below primary nav
  • Two widget areas in footer
  • Customizable footer text.
  • Two color schemes, light and dark.

The theme is released under GPL, and the code is on github. Please test it, report bugs, if any, and suggest improvements.

You can check out the theme here.

Download Now

Hello World!

If you’re reading this, you either followed a link on one of the social media websites, or you know me from somewhere. If you know me already, high five. If you don’t know me, you will.

After running 3 failed startups, and a moderately successful design agency during the past 5 years, with different partners, I’m on my own in the wild now. MagikPress is my first foray into the world alone, and I hope that this will turn out to be a positive thing.

Anyways! This will be the official MagikPress blog, and I’ll write things related to WordPress, Genesis, Bootstrap, Linux and various things, ranging from tutorials to reviews to full blown product launches.

For the first few weeks, I’ll be taking requests for articles. So if you have anything that you want me to write about, do mention in the comments. Topics that I’ll cover are:

  • WordPress(themes, plugins, development)
  • Genesis Framework
  • Design, typography, UX and things like that.

P.S. I’m testing my first Genesis child theme right now, so stay tuned for that.