Introducing Polymer WordPress Theme

Hi everyone! Past few months have been very busy, but I finally found some time to complete this child theme for Stargazer by Justin Tadlock of Theme Hybrid. Take a look.

The theme uses the beautiful Roboto Condensed font from Google, and a color pallette that is inspired by Google’s Material design. It supports all features of Stargazer, including all the layouts, headers, and backgrounds, and brings in some material inspired header images to the table as well. A few features of the theme are

  • Child theme of Stargazer, so all Stargazer features
  • Material design inspired color palette
  • Modern typography with Roboto Condensed font
  • Material inspired header images from Midhun Harikumar

The theme is released under the GPL and is hosted on github. I have tested the theme with the unit test data, but if you find any bugs, or want to suggest improvements, please report them on github.

You can check out the theme here

Download now

4 thoughts on “Introducing Polymer WordPress Theme

    • Gaurav Pareek says:

      Hi! Please read the description. It clearly says “Material design inspired color palette”. It doesn’t say it’s a material design theme. You are free to download this or not, completely your call.

    • Gaurav Pareek says:

      You’re, not your.

      Also, why would I use components in a child theme? Do you even know how WordPress works? Maybe you shold use the surplus time you have to do something productive instead of spewing nonsense on other people’s blogs.

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