Relativity Theme Now On Theme Repository

We have released our theme, Relativity, in the theme repository. During the review, we added new features, and improved a lot of things. A few of the new things we worked on during this are:

  • Improved styling of posts.
  • Better sticky post styling.
  • Cleaner and prettier navigation.
  • Better styled quotes and blockquotes.
  • Much improved comment theme repository
  • Cleaner styling for tables.

Future updates

We are working to improve this more and more. A few things you will find in the next release

  • Widget areas for social links and such.
  • Multiple colour schemes.
  • More exciting stuff.

Demo and download

For now, you can take a look at a few screenshots below, or watch a demo. You can go to the theme repo to download the theme . If you want to file a bug, please go to the github repo.



Theme Update: Center

We have updated our first theme ‘Center’ with new features and more refinements. The theme now supports WordPress native custom headers, custom favicon and custom background. Apart from these new things, the theme now has improved styling for the background, comments, and footer. The custom theme settings option was removed in this release. Users are now advised to use the plugin Genesis Simple Edits for such trivial adjustments.

You can download the theme below, or see a live demo. To report issues, please go to github or our support page.

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