Change Genesis Admin Menu Item Name And Icon

The following code changes the Genesis admin menu item name to anything of your choice. Just replace ‘Custom’ with a string of your choice. The code should go in your child theme’s functions.php.


It turns out that Genesis now uses an icon font to display the menu icon in WordPress backend. In order to change that, you need a different icon font, with the icon of your choice, and override it thorugh a stylesheet. In this example we’ll just use FontAwesome. You can use any font of your choice, or generate your own.

Add this to functions.php

Here we have enqueued fontawesome from BootstrapCDN,, and then a custom stylesheet. Now create an `admin.css` in your theme’s folder and add the following to it.

Please note that you have to change the font-family if you want to use a different font, and the unicode value for content corresponding to the icon of your choice.

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